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Time or Money? What Day You List Your Home Could Make the Difference

With so many factors playing into the real estate game, it is important for sellers to consider as many as they can - even what day to list their home! Homes get five times more views on average the day they are listed than in subsequent weeks, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Do you want your home to sell quickly or for more? The day you list it matters!

If you want your home to sell for the most Monday, list it on a Wednesday. According to, homes listed on Wednesday sold for 0.53% more on average than a home listed on Sunday. For an average priced home of $1.61 million in San Francisco, this means an extra $8,533 just for paying attention to what day you list your home! 

If time is more your concern, try listing on Thursday instead. Homes listed on Thursday sold on average 5 days faster than those listed on Sunday. They were also more likely to be sold within 90 and 180 days.

While there isn't one clear reason why these are the best days to list your home, it help to look at the typical home buyers. Many buyers tend to do their house hunting on the weekend, and therefore start planning in the middle to end of the work week. You want your home to pop up fresh online to the maximum number of buyers, so try a more strategic approach for better results!

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