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6 Emails All Real Estate Agents Need to Start Sending

To live up to your full agent potential, you have to be a people person. It is important to take time to focus on fostering relationships with leads, active clients, and past clients. Email marketing is a very important tool when it comes to nurturing these connections. If you want success in the real estate world, these are the six emails you need to be sending.

1. Introduction Email After acquiring a new lead, the first thing you need to do is introduce yourself, and quickly! For digital leads, you can make use of an email auto-responder to communicate with your new lead that you have received their inquiry.

2. New Listings Email Show off your new listings with stunning photos and a great description. Remember to also include trackable call-to-action links in your message. Trackable links help you to see who is interacting with your content so you can better prioritize your follow ups. 

3. Open House Announcements (with RSVP) Promoting your open house online is very important. Include high quality photos, a well-written description, and clear directions. Find out who plans on attending by using an RSVP button.

4. Just Sold Announcements  Show potential clients just how much they could get for their homes by sending out "Just Sold" announcements. Simply send an email stating "This house just sold in your area for $XXXXXX. What is your home worth? Click here to find out!" Make sure to keep track of who clicks the link and have a follow-up ready.

5. Referral Ask | Reconnect Email Get in contact with past clients by sending a friendly email reminding them of your great service. Ask if you can be of service to any of their friends or family members.

6. Monthly Newsletter Continue to engage your clients with a monthly newsletter. Fill the newsletter with helpful tips and market trends to prove that you are the go-to person for all things real estate in your community and demonstrate your value. 

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