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5 Types of Hashtags and How to Use Them

If you're reading this in 2018 and you're in the real estate industry, I'm going to assume you are using Instagram. Not only is it the most popular way to share photos, it can be a powerful tool to promote your business. While professional photos of your listings and cute pictures of your team advertising your open houses are great, a post is only as good as its hashtags. Unless you already have an extremely large (100k+) following on Instagram, the only way your posts will gain any traction is through hashtags.

Look at my beautiful listing but no one cares because they haven't seen my post

Here's a quick guide on how to use 5 types of hashtags in all of your Instagram posts.

1. Industry Hashtags

Industry hashtags are those directly related to your industry - real estate! These are going to be hashtags already used by other people in RE. When using industry hashtags, your content will be put in front of the right people, as they are most commonly searched and used by your peers. To find good industry hashtags, take a look at which hashtags your coworkers and other social media influencers in RE are using.

2. Location Hashtags

Location, location, location! These tags are the ones relevant to the area you live in. By using location hashtags, you will give your post more exposure to other people close to you and you can attract more local clients.

3. Trending Hashtags

Join in on social media trends by using trending hashtags. These hashtags will not only give your post a huge boost in reach, but will also show your followers that you know what is popular and relevant to them. Show a fun side to yourself and provide more personal content to your followers.

4. Event Hashtags

Event hashtags can either be used in two different ways. They are a great way to categorize posts for an even you are hosting (e.g. an open house). Attendees of your event can share and search for posts relating to it while you build excitement around your event. They are also a great way to incorporate giveaways (e.g. whoever uses #JohnsonTeamOpenHouse gets entered to win a tote bag). They can also be used in a way similar to how you use trending hashtags. Show your followers that you are involved in an event they may also be interested in to show off your personality.

5. Custom Hashtags

These are arguably the most important on this list. Custom Hashtags are unique to your business and an integral part of creating your brand. These are used to authenticate your business on social media and help you build a following. Your custom hashtag is a great way to generate consumer created content by encouraging others to use it! When creating your custom hashtag, try to stick to your business name or a slogan and make sure it isn't already being used!

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