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3 Ways Video Testimonials Will Help Elevate Your Brand

With ever increasing usage of review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, it is clear to see that customers put more trust in each other than anywhere else. You can scream from the rooftops about how great your service is, but the message will only truly resonate when coming from a third party.

Your opinion about your service will be seen as biased by your prospective customers. They need to hear it from someone like them! Take the experience of a satisfied client and combine it with the emotional power of video, and you get the best thing to happen to your marketing plan: Video Testimonials. Check out one we recently did!

Still not convinced? Let's take a look at how this special type of video marketing will help you gain more business than ever before.

1. Remove Doubt by Providing Social Proof

You already see the value in your services, that's why you provide them! However, potential new clients may be more skeptical. Naturally, people want to be sure of a business's credibility before paying for it. No one wants to get ripped off!

With a testimonial, past happy clients are able to address any doubts or hesitations present in the mind of your future customers. After seeing that others did business with you and had a great experience, they are able to let go of any uncertainty surrounding your product.

This tool is called "Social Proof," and it's essential to any marketing plan! You see social proof all of the time in other ad campaigns. Think of phrases like, "9/10 dentists recommend...", "The brand trusted by...", and "Join the community of over 50,000 who use....".

It's quite simple: when people see other people enjoying something, they will want to duplicate that experience. With testimonials being told by an unaffiliated party, they establish some much needed social proof and help to convert more clients.

2. Appeal to an Emotional Side

According to neuroscientists, people make decisions based on emotions, not logic. Testimonials give you a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Once you establish that kind of connection with buyers, they will be much more easily persuaded to give your service a try.

Whether you want to try nostalgia, happiness, excitement, or something else, viewers will be sure to remember not only your message, but how you made them feel.

3. Capture Intrigue with a Captivating Story

While your website may have all the information anyone could ever need about your brand, that will not hold their attention. The human mind is wired to think in terms of stories, so that is what you want to bring to your audience!

Your testimonial video will have characters ( your past clients), who encounter a conflict (a problem or need that is unfulfilled), and a resolution (the services provided by your business).

You want your clients to picture themselves as the hero of their own story, with your business as the solution they have been looking for!

Ready to give video testimonials a try? Contact us.

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